Arbitration Centre at the RSPP accepts not only domestic (internal), but also any international (cross-border) disputes that by virtue of the law may be subject to arbitration, including corporate disputes and disputes involving individuals.

Nowadays Moscow is an extremely attractive place for arbitration, as the concentration of major businesses and the main center of trade interests in the post-Soviet and the whole Eurasian space.

The Russian Federation Law on International Commercial Arbitration (1993), based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, provides a wide range of disputes subject to arbitration. Furthermore, since Russia is a member of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (1958), Russian court practice generally demonstrates a pro-arbitration approach aimed at both facilitating the arbitration process and enforcing arbitral awards.

Sanctions do not affect the possibility of resolving disputes involving foreign companies in Moscow, while Russian parties are provided with equal procedural conditions with their foreign opponents (in terms of payment of fees, involving representatives, opportunity to participate in hearings, etc.). The reasonable amount of arbitration fees in Arbitration Centre at the RSPP shall be especially noted, since it is significantly lower than in foreign arbitration institutions and can be paid both in Russian rubles and in the most popular foreign currencies.

In order to consider disputes arising from international trade relations and other types of cross border economic relations and investment activities, as well as other disputes complicated by a foreign element, the Panel for International Disputes was established.

The Panel consists of more than 120 high-ranking arbitrators from Russia and 25 other countries, including more than 50 experts from the Asia-Pacific region, consisting of leading lawyers and attorneys, retired judges, distinguished academics, business and public figures.